Technical Journalism

Write in the press does not make you a real journalist, as some might think.
This just allowed me to meet people who are in the news, designing equipment and other, who involved in the development, creation, and which are themselves real artists. Their names will always be linked to current music, to some techniques and to colors.

This section’s articles

Thursday 9 December 2010
by  James B. Cote, Marc Salama, Pier Alessandri

Roger Nichols interview

What were the determinant factors.....?
RN : Well, that goes back quite a way. I love listening to music. I think it was hereditary. You know, my grandfather was in the film and the music business. He was head photographer for Warner Brothers. And he was really into music and my parents (...)

Monday 3 May 2010
by  James B. Cote, Marc Salama, Pier Alessandri

Georges Massenburg Interview

He does Little Feat, Linda Ronstadt, the Neville Brothers. But he’s also the parametric eqaliser, automation system , transparent compressor’s créator. A life in studio, 90 albums productor, sound engineer on many others, George Massenburg is a monument of the American Sound.

Sunday 2 May 2010
by  James B. Cote, Marc Salama, Pier Alessandri

Phil Ramone Interview

How to be a Producer When You Start As A Classical Violonist !!! Responsabilities in the evolution of an artist.

Thursday 25 March 2010
by  James B. Cote, Marc Salama, Pier Alessandri

Bob Clearmountain Interview

The first session I ever did was actually about three or four months after I started, I was working with an engineer whose specialty was doing commercials and it was a recording date session with him, it was a mixing session with a band called "Kool and the Gang" and he didn’t like to do records...









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